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Master the art of Microsoft Excel with classes in San Francisco. From beginner to advanced, learners can discover the power of spreadsheets, data analysis, and automation, gaining valuable skills for their professional and personal lives.

Unfortunately, no classes in-person in San Francisco have spots left, but 15 classes live online are available.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Master VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, formulas and functions in this intermediate Excel course. Build on your basic Excel knowledge by learning more advanced techniques like Sort & Filter, logical functions, and time-saving tricks. The intermediate Excel class focuses on more advanced functions (including VLOOKUP, COUNTIFS and SUMIFs), Sort & Filter, and Pivot Tables. You'll also learn crucial text-related features like splitting and joining text,...

Wednesday Oct 11th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Advanced Microsoft Excel

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Learn advanced Excel features and become an Excel expert. In this course, you'll master advanced functions like INDEX-MATCH, macros, and data analysis. Develop expertise in Excel’s most advanced features and become a resident Excel expert. Maximize the power of Pivot Tables, save hours by automating tasks with macros, and develop experience with advanced database functions. By the end of this course, you'll have knowledge and skills above and...

Sunday Oct 8th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Excel – Part 1

TLG Learning

This course aims to provide you with a foundation for Excel knowledge and skills, which you can build upon to eventually become an expert in data manipulation. This course covers Microsoft Office Specialist Program exam objectives to help you prepare for the Excel Associate (Office 365 and Office 2019): Exam MO-200 and Excel Expert (Office 365 and Office 2019): Exam MO-201. Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able...

Thursday Oct 5th, 6am–2pm Pacific Time

Excel – Part 2

TLG Learning

This course builds upon the foundational knowledge presented in the Microsoft® Excel® for Office 365™ (Desktop or Online): Part 1 course and will help start you down the road to creating advanced workbooks and worksheets that can help deepen your understanding of organizational intelligence.  The ability to analyze massive amounts of data, extract actionable information from it, and present that information to decision makers is at the...

Monday Oct 9th, 6am–2pm Pacific Time

Excel Level II: Intermediate

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

In this intermediate Excel class, you’ll learn functions such as VLOOKUP and SUMIFs; summarize data with Pivot Tables; Sort & Filter databases; and split and join text. The course comes with our revolutionary Excel video suite, so you can review the materials anytime after the class. Take this class as part of the Excel Bootcamp and get a 15% discount. The package includes our Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced Excel classes. This...

Tuesday Oct 24th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

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Excel Level I: Fundamentals

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

In this beginner Excel workshop, you’ll learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel, including calculations, basic functions, graphs, formatting, and printing. This basic Excel class is perfect for those with limited experience looking to expand their proficiency. Practical Hands-On Training Our Excel course includes practical exercises that walk you through the basics. Learn the concept, watch an example, and complete an activity with the new concept...

Monday Oct 23rd, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Excel – Part 3

TLG Learning

In this course, you will build upon the foundational and intermediate knowledge presented in the Microsoft® Excel® for Office 365™ (Desktop or Online): Part 1 and Microsoft® Excel® for Office 365™ (Desktop or Online): Part 2 courses to help you get the most of your Excel experience. The ability to collaborate with colleagues, automate complex or repetitive tasks, and use conditional logic to construct and apply elaborate formulas and functions...

Tuesday Oct 10th, 6am–2pm Pacific Time

Excel Level III: Advanced

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Learn all of the most complex features of Microsoft Excel in this advanced training course. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics of building and organizing spreadsheets using Excel, you can learn to manipulate and visualize that data to improve your workflow and draw deeper insights. In this class, you will find out how to manage spreadsheets, utilize advanced analytics tools, and write macros to improve efficiency. You will also become...

Sunday Oct 8th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Excel Introduction (Online)

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ Online Classroom

Students will learn to move and copy data, learn about absolute and relative references, and work with ranges, rows, and columns. They will also learn how to navigate worksheets and workbooks. Then they will enter and edit text, values, formulas, and pictures, and they will save workbooks. This course also covers simple functions used in formulas (including SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT), basic conditional formatting techniques, printing, inserting screen...

Monday Oct 9th, 9am–4pm Central Time

Microsoft Excel for the Workplace

iKnowledge School @ iKnowledge School - Live Virtual

In this multi-day course, we blend the power of Excel with realistic and updated Business applications. This course is geared towards learners that are looking to advance in Excel for a professional goal or career advantage. With this course, you will learn Excel skills and functions that are mostly used in different service and manufacturing businesses. You will be able to quickly apply your knowledge right away with our project-based learning...

Friday Oct 6th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Excel Programming with VBA

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Master VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and macros in this course for avid Excel users. Visual Basic for Applications or VBA is Microsoft's coding language to program Excel. You can use it to write macros and automate tasks. On Day 1, you'll learn everything covered in Excel VBA Macros Level 1. Day 2 covers advanced VBA techniques in Excel VBA Macros Level 2. In this hands-on course, you'll learn how to accelerate your workflow in Excel with...

Thursday Nov 2nd, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Excel Specialist Certification Program

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Give your resume a boost with Microsoft Excel Certification. The Excel Specialist Certification program includes our three Excel courses (Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced), two hours of private training, and the Excel Specialist Exam fee with a free retake. You'll also receive free proctoring on exam day. All students enrolled in our Microsoft Excel certification program gain lifetime access to our free Excel video courses, the perfect companion...

Tuesday Oct 10th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Excel VBA Macros Level I

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Learn macros and automation in Excel VBA and Macros Level I. The class begins with an introduction to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and macros. Throughout the course, you'll learn hotkeys, how to compile code, loops, and logic statements. The session ends with a lesson on using interactive code to create input and message boxes, and error handling, so you can avoid mistakes that lead to software crashes. Excel VBA Programming Course Workbook...

Thursday Nov 2nd, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Excel VBA Macros Level 2

NYC Career Centers - Virtually Online

Dive into advanced VBA and Excel functions in Excel VBA and Macros Level II. This course builds upon lessons learned in Excel VBA and Macros Level I, including creating objects, loops, and logic statements. Learn how to control variables and create automated processes. Master Advanced Excel Functions with VBA In Excel VBA and Macros Level II, you will create a user interface to input data. In addition, learn how to evaluate data with looping structures...

Friday Nov 3rd, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Microsoft Excel for Beginners (Level 1)

Digital Workshop Center

Excel classes for beginners – learn a required skill for any career path This Microsoft Excel for beginners teaches program efficiency, along with how to use simple formulas and functions, format a workbook, and prepare for print and distribution. Microsoft Excel is the industry leader in business productivity tools as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Excel has unlimited capabilities to calculate, manipulate, and analyze data of any kind. ...

Monday Nov 6th, 1–4:30pm Mountain Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

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Discover the Best Excel Classes in San Francisco

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular professional tools across industries. This spreadsheet application is used by over 750 million people and 60% of businesses around the globe. Excel is a user-friendly application that can perform basic and advanced mathematical calculations and functions. It can transform data into engaging visualizations like pie or line charts. Those with Excel training can even make forecasting predictions with this tool. Because of its range of applications, Excel is relied on by those who work in finance, data science, academia, business, graphic design, and many other fields. Employees with Excel training perform tasks faster and more accurately, which helps their organization cut costs and improve productivity. Training in Excel can also lead to upward career mobility for professionals and job opportunities that offer competitive salaries. Learning Excel is an excellent way to be noticed by recruiters and to improve your chances of landing the career you truly want.

Best Excel Classes & Schools in San Francisco

Learnit - Intro to Data Analysis

Learners interested in studying a range of data analytics tools and concepts can enroll in Learnit’s Intro to Data Analysis. Participants in this hands-on class learn how to clean data and transform it into defined lists, which can then be converted into tables. This course teaches students how to use summarized formats to display data in PivotTables, as well as visually with PivotCharts. Instruction is provided on how to remove duplicates from spreadsheets, format tables, total rows, filter records, and apply conditional formatting. Learners also create data visualizations like charts and insert sparklines.

Tuition is $145. This course takes three hours to complete. This beginner-friendly class is geared toward Excel users interested in analyzing and visualizing data. As a prerequisite, it’s recommended that participants have a basic understanding of core Excel skills like cell referencing, working with formulas, and applying functions like AVERAGE and SUM.

ONLC Training Centers - Charts, Formatting and Reporting

Charts, Formatting and Reporting is available from ONLC Training Centers for those seeking hands-on Excel instruction. Participants in this one-day class learn how to work with Excel to create a range of data visualizations like charts, histograms, sunbursts, and treemaps using styles and templates. Instruction is provided on creating and modifying charts, applying filters to charts, and formatting them. Students also learn to make dashboards, create and use personal templates, and apply custom formats to Excel spreadsheets. Learners explore how to work with the Quick Analysis Tool and study conditional formatting rules. By course completion, those enrolled will know how to adjust print settings and save worksheets as a PDF. In addition, all students will be familiar with how to use Excel in concert with other Office apps, such as Word and PowerPoint.

Tuition is $295 for those who enroll early. Late registration costs $345. This class is intended for professionals whose job entails publishing spreadsheet results and visualizing data findings. As a prerequisite, students should have introductory-level Excel skills. Since this class is taught in the live online environment, participants can choose whether to complete coursework remotely or use a training facility in San Francisco.

AcademyX - Excel Intro Training

Beginner-friendly Excel training is available in AcademyX’s Excel Intro Training. Fundamental Excel skills and concepts are covered in this one-day course. Students learn basic spreadsheet terminology and some of this app’s most common shortcuts. Instruction is provided on using tool ribbons, gallery commands, autofill, cell references, and the Office Clipboard for copy and pasting tasks. Those enrolled study common functions like COUNT, COUNTA, AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN, as well as the applications of the SUM function. Learners are taught how to work with styles and style galleries to format tables, cells, and worksheets and how conditional formatting can enhance data. By the end of this class, those enrolled can adjust the sizing and margins of their worksheets using Page Layout View, adjust page breaks for printing, and exclude unwanted data from the printing process.

Tuition is $290. As a prerequisite, it is recommended that students are familiar with Microsoft Windows. It takes one full day to complete this course.

Sonic Training - Microsoft Excel Training: Introduction

Those who enroll in Sonic Training’s Microsoft Excel Training: Introduction learn core spreadsheet skills. Participants receive instruction on creating and modifying basic worksheets, performing calculations, formatting and printing worksheets, and working with Excel workbooks. Instruction is provided on how to work with cells, customize the Excel interface, manipulate data, and make changes to the elements of a worksheet. In addition, students learn how to format their Excel worksheets by modifying fonts, performing spell check, adding colors or borders to cells, and aligning cell content. This course also covers establishing page layout options, inserting page breaks, and printing Excel workbooks.

The cost of study is $250. Discounts are available for those interested in taking multiple Microsoft Office courses. It takes one full day to complete this class. Students can attend in the live online format or in-person in San Francisco.

Learnit - Excel Introduction

Learnit’s Excel Introduction is available for those interested in exploring how to create and format spreadsheets. This course teaches Excel using a step-by-step process with hands-on exercises. Instruction is offered on Excel fundamentals, such as smart lookup, zooming, replacing cell data, saving workbook files, executing basic calculations, and selecting cells. Participants work with relative and absolute cell references and learn the autofill command. Instruction is offered on how to add rows and columns to worksheets, create and save reusable fonts, and adjust workbook settings for optimal printing. By the end of this class, those enrolled will be familiar with worksheet themes, custom templates, freezing and splitting frames, spell checking worksheets, and hiding columns and rows.

The cost of study ranges from $145-$290. This course can be completed in one full day. Participants can complete lessons remotely in the live online environment or attend class in San Francisco.

Certstaffix Training - Excel Level 1 

Certstaffix Training’s Excel Level 1 is intended for those new to Excel who want to learn the basics of this industry-standard spreadsheet app. Core spreadsheet skills are taught in this hands-on course, such as how to enter data, perform calculations, and create format worksheets and workbooks. Participants also receive instruction correcting errors in Excel and printing spreadsheets. Instruction is provided on creating several kinds of data visualizations, like waterfalls, treemaps, graphs, sunbursts, and charts.

This one-day course is taught using the desktop version of Office 365/2019. Those interested in enrolling should be familiar with the current version of Windows and know how to perform basic tasks, such as starting and closing programs, locating saved files, and using a browser to access websites.

Tuition is $275. Those interested in purchasing a bundle and taking this class with Level 2 and Level 3 can do so for $750. Participants can retake this class for free for up to six months to revisit lessons. Learners have the option of completing this class at the provided training facility in San Francisco or remotely in the live online environment.

Online Excel Schools & Classes

Live online Excel study is an excellent alternative to in-person coursework. This flexible training format allows participants to complete their Excel studies remotely from the comfort of their home or office. This interactive learning format provides participants access to a live instructor with real-world Excel training and experience. Students can actively participate throughout the course, ask questions, and even share their screen with the instructor (with permission) for additional guidance. No commute is required to attend live online coursework, which makes it a great option for those who don’t live near a major city with training facilities or who may not have reliable transportation to commute to in-person study. 

NYIM Training - Excel Specialist Certification Program

Those who wish to become a Certified Excel Specialist can enroll in NYIM Training’s Excel Specialist Certification Program. This hands-on program provides participants with three Excel courses in one: Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced. These courses help prepare students to pass the exam required to become a Certified Excel Specialist. The curriculum covers a range of Excel topics that apply to the business world. This program can be completed in three full-day sessions or six shorter sessions. This course is open to learners at all levels, at least 18 years old.

This course is taught in the live online environment in an interactive virtual classroom. Tuition is $899. Tuition includes two hours of private training, the Excel Specialist Exam fee, and a free exam retake. Those who enroll receive free test proctoring on the day of the exam. All learners can retake this course for free for up to six months. In addition, participants have lifetime access to NYIM Training’s beginner, intermediate, and advanced suite of Excel videos.

Noble Desktop - Excel for Data Analytics

Excel for Data Analytics is a hands-on course available from Noble Desktop in which participants learn about Excel’s many features and capabilities for data analytics. Participants work with analytic tools and database functions to help them organize and visualize data so it can be presented professionally. Students are introduced to the best practices for efficient data analysis by completing practical projects. Instruction is provided on core Excel formulas and functions. Students also learn advanced Excel techniques that can be used to sort, filter, organize, and visualize Excel data.

Tuition is $595. Participants can choose whether to complete this bootcamp in three full-day sessions or six shorter sessions. This course is intended for those interested in taking a deep dive into data analytics with Excel. As a prerequisite, students should have a beginner-level understanding of Excel, such as how to work with basic formulas and functions, format spreadsheets, create basic tables and charts, and print worksheets and workbooks.

NYC Career Centers - Beginner Microsoft Excel

Beginner Microsoft Excel is available from NYC Career Centers. This introductory-level class covers core spreadsheet skills and practices, such as performing basic calculations and working with common formulas and functions. Coursework is designed to provide students with tricks and tips to help them navigate Excel more efficiently and effectively. Those enrolled also receive instruction on how to create charts and format workbooks. By course completion, participants will be able to apply shortcuts and hotkeys when working with Excel, which can drastically improve workplace productivity. This class is taught using practical exercises that reinforce the concepts being shared. Students have the opportunity to practice each skill by independently completing an activity so they can commit it to memory. 

Tuition is $249. Those enrolled can opt to complete their studies in one full-day session or in two shorter sessions. Instruction is provided in an interactive virtual classroom.

Students can keep the training guide used in this class for future reference when working with Excel. Additionally, all learners can access a companion video suite that offers beginner-friendly Excel content and tutorials. Participants also can retake this class for free for up to one year to revisit the materials they learned.

San Francisco Industries That Use Excel

Industries across San Francisco use Microsoft Excel for a variety of tasks. The following sections will briefly examine some of the city’s main industries and the role this spreadsheet app plays in them.

IT & Software

San Francisco’s main industry is IT and software. This city has over 300 IT firms and more than 70,000 IT professionals. These industries are fueled by the prevalence of federal research institutions and research universities in the area, such as UCSF, Stanford, and UC Berkeley. San Francisco produces more Engineers and Scientists with PhDs than any other city in the US. These professionals go on to drive innovation in the Bay Area and spur new technology and entrepreneurship. 

Those who work with software development in San Francisco rely on various tools to collect and analyze vast stores of data pertaining to performance metrics, error codes, or user information. Excel allows Software Developers to streamline many of their daily tasks, such as data manipulation and visualization. Through graphs and charts, these professionals can spot data patterns and share these insights with other stakeholders in a format that’s accessible and engaging. One of the reasons Software Developers gravitate toward Excel is its capability for manipulating medium-sized datasets. Using Excel allows them to avoid having to create custom code. This spreadsheet app is also useful for project management. Spreadsheets allow Software Developers to stay on top of deadlines, monitor progress on tasks, and delegate assignments to team members. Excel can be easily customized to facilitate real-time collaboration, making it a valuable tool for software development projects requiring multiple team members.

International Business 

Another key sector in San Francisco is international business. Because of its focus on international economies in fields like clean tech, digital media, life sciences, and IT, this city is an international trade hub between America and the Pacific. It is also the largest region in the use that exports to Asia. San Francisco has also historically been a popular location for tourists and immigrants. Almost half of San Francisco residents were born outside the US. Those who live in the city speak over 100 languages, which makes this city one of the most diverse places in the country.

Those who are employed in the international business sector regularly work with Excel for a range of tasks. This app is so prevalent among these professionals that half of businesses use Excel. Businesses gather huge volumes of data pertaining to insurance claims, product sales, website traffic, or supply spending, and Excel helps them keep it organized and readily accessible. In addition, Business Analysts who uncover patterns in these numbers can use Excel to share data findings with other relevant stakeholders so that organizational changes can be proposed. Many Business Analysts regularly collaborate with other team members and those who work in other departments or are external to their organization. Excel’s collaboration features allow them to share workbooks in real-time with others working on a project. Working with Excel’s built-in coding language VBA allows Business Analysts to create macros to automate repetitive tasks, saving them time and boosting productivity.


Another popular industry in San Francisco that relies on Excel is statistics. Currently, more than 1,200 job listings in the San Francisco area seek individuals with a statistics background. Excel is one of the core tools Statisticians use to improve their efficiency when working with data. This app has various features that help Statisticians work with large datasets, perform accurate and quick data analysis, and share their findings with others. Some Excel functions, such as standard deviation, mean, mode, and median, were created specifically for statistical analysis. These functions help Excel users identify data trends, patterns, and outliers. This spreadsheet app also has useful charting features for basic and complex data visualizations, such as bar charts, bubble charts, and scatterplots.


The contemporary biotech industry was created in San Francisco. The city has nearly 300 life science firms, and the industry is robust and expanding. This area alone has created over $110 billion in output and supported more than 300,000 regional jobs. Over the past decade, this sector has continued to grow and bring additional revenue, job openings, and innovations to the city. Those in the biotech industry often work in research labs, where they handle RNA and other materials that must be analyzed. Working with Excel allows them to perform calculations quickly and accurately. 

Excel Jobs & Salaries in San Francisco

San Francisco offers many job opportunities for those with spreadsheet training. There are currently nearly 8,000 job listings for those who can work with Excel. The following sections will take a closer look at some of the career paths in the Bay Area that use Excel and how the pay rates there compare to the national average pay in these fields.


San Francisco is one of the best spots in the country to live and work if you’re in a research-related field. With 20 colleges and universities in the Bay Area, academic research is a huge industry in this city. World-renowned institutions like UC Berkeley and Stanford are in this area and recruit some of the best minds to perform undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate research. Research Scientists work in various fields, such as physics, chemistry, biology, or engineering. They regularly use Excel to organize the data they collect and analyze the results. 

The current pay in the US for a Research Scientist is nearly $125,000. In San Francisco, because of the prevalence of top-tier universities performing a range of research tasks, the average salary is $50,000 higher. Research Scientists in this city earn around $175,000 annually.

Financial Analytics

The finance sector is robust in San Francisco. This city is considered the epicenter of financial services on the West Coast. Wells Fargo is currently the largest employer in the Bay Area, with over 8,000 employees. More than 30 of the most prominent non-American financial institutions in San Francisco, such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays Bank of the United Kingdom. Excel is a core tool for financial professionals. Financial Analysts use this spreadsheet application regularly for repetitive tasks. They are employed by financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, and businesses to offer insights into how costs can be reduced, and investments can yield the greatest returns. Excel helps these professionals analyze how stocks and bonds perform and store these records in an organized location.

Currently, the average pay rate in the US for a Financial Analyst is $75,000 annually. Those in San Francisco earn more than $85,000 a year.

Software Engineering 

The San Francisco Bay Area currently has the most high-tech companies in the US. Nearly 400,000 jobs are available in the tech industry in this city alone. Software Engineers play an integral role in the San Francisco workforce. These professionals design software systems for apps and computers. They also test new software programs and work to improve the speed and scalability of existing software. Software Engineers work with a range of tools, such as programming languages and Excel, to efficiently organize and analyze huge volumes of data. This data includes user data, performance metrics, and error codes. Excel helps Software Engineers execute data manipulations and visualize the results of their analysis. 

The average US pay for a Software Engineer is nearly $110,000. Software Engineers in San Francisco earn a much higher pay rate and make $130,000 annually.

Excel Corporate Training

If those at your workplace would benefit from learning Microsoft Excel, CourseHorse can provide Excel corporate training for San Francisco businesses. Through instruction in a beginner-level workshop, participants become familiar with how to use this spreadsheet app for many professional tasks. With the help of hands-on exercises, your employees can master a range of Excel skills that will help them perform work tasks faster and more efficiently. Participants receive instruction on working with Excel’s basic functions, adding data to a spreadsheet, making calculations, visualizing data, formatting spreadsheets, and printing worksheets and workbooks. Corporate Excel training is a great learning opportunity for employees with little to no experience working with Excel and who want to gain proficiency.

Investing in corporate training is a great way to let your employees know you’re committed to their ongoing professional development. The skills they acquire in training sessions can improve their speed and productivity when working with data. In addition, it helps them find strategic solutions to problems, which can help the entire organization perform better. The Excel skills they learn in corporate training ensure that they will be able to perform many work-related tasks faster and more accurately and bring more value to their current role.

Employees who receive corporate training in Excel learn by example. An expert instructor teaches a particular Excel skill, then provides an example to reinforce this concept. Participants then independently complete an activity to ensure they fully understand and can use this skill. After training is complete, your employees can keep their training guides for later use. Corporate training also includes access to a companion Excel video series offering introductory tutorials and videos.

If you’d like to enroll your employees in corporate Excel training, the cost is $249. After submitting payment, you will be sent details pertaining to the upcoming training session. In addition, the event provider will provide pertinent information about training. If you want to discuss any specific training needs your employees may have, you can also schedule a free consultation to ensure the Excel training they receive is in keeping with their skill level and your organizational needs. Group vouchers can also be purchased at a discounted price if you’d like to invest in training for multiple people at your workplace. Vouchers allow your employees to decide when they wish to complete their Excel studies and do so as their schedules permit. Study options are even available on weeknights or weekends.

Several training formats are available to ensure your employees get the most out of their Excel studies. You can book training sessions in person at your workplace. Training is also available in the live online environment using a teleconferencing platform like Zoom. In addition, study is offered in Midtown Manhattan in an office provided by CourseHorse. This office space provides learners with workstations and the most up-to-date software and version of Excel.