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Santa Monica College

Santa Monica, Santa Monica, California
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You've come to a special place. We believe that Santa Monica College offers an outstanding and unique educational experience. We also believe that we provide the community a wealth of resources.

Santa Monica College, which was opened in 1929, has grown to a thriving campus with offerings in more than 80 fields of study. We pride ourselves on preparing students for careers of the 21st century – in such fields as nursing and health care, solar technology and other “green” careers, entertainment technology, computer technology, early childhood education, business, graphic design and other occupations.

About Community Education
To meet the lifelong learning needs of the community, SMC Community Education offers hundreds of classes to individuals who wish to explore their personal interests or enhance their careers. Our low-cost, not-for-credit Community Education courses are designed to enrich lives through hands-on workshops and lively classes in art, writing, dance, and many other areas, with special classes for children and teens. Our fee-based professional development and continuing education programs and seminars strive to promote career development and professional training and certification. Classes on a wide range of topics are also offered online.



You MUST have and input a valid California address and US phone number when signing up for Santa Monica College courses, or you may be rejected from the course. If you do not have a valid US address and phone number, your enrollment will not be accepted.


Santa Monica College's Community Education Office operates from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. Please bring your CourseHorse purchase confirmation with you to class. Your Classroom information is noted in the Special Notes. If you do not have a classroom on your purchase receipt, please reach out to [email protected]

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Reviews of Santa Monica College

(490 Reviews)
How to Write the Funny


Attended: How to Write the Funny

I had different expectations so that is why the low rating. I anticipated to write jokes, but instead it was to write a funny essay.

How to Write the Funny

Irene L.

Attended: How to Write the Funny

It was a good class. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing so. The instructor really broke down the patterns in how funny material is made. He also created an environment that made it easy to participate.

Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Graduation Show

James L.

Attended: Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Graduation Show

Jonathan is a gem. Incredibly passionate teacher who really breaks down what you need to know to have success in comedy. I never leave reviews on these sites but people need to know how good this class/teacher is. Already told all my friends so you folks might as well know too

Landscape Painting

Susan S.

Attended: Landscape Painting

Todd Carpenter was an excellent teacher. Each week, he displayed and reviewed different artists' work and taught a lesson (often, both came from our questions and requests). He allowed us to choose our own subjects, then answered questions and gave feedback as we progressed. Todd is the best art teacher I have had on Zoom.

Painting in Watercolor - Level 2


Attended: Painting in Watercolor - Level 2

Great for follow along painting. Learn tips and tricks as you go.

Home Sewing Bootcamp

Svetlana D.

Attended: Home Sewing Bootcamp

Barbara is amazing and fun to follow along, and after years of not touching my sewing machine (nor hand sewing), I feel confident enough to make some pants, totes and even explore new patterns! This class was the highlight of my weekends!

Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Graduation Show

Karean H.

Attended: Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Graduation Show

I thought the class was great. The teacher was awesome.

Painting in Watercolor - Level 1

Nafeesa K.

Attended: Painting in Watercolor - Level 1

Really enjoyed this class. It was loose and casual but still instructive when it came to different brush/ texture techniques, color mixing, and a little bit of composition. Looking forward to taking the intermediate level class!

Painting in Watercolor - Level 2

Susan P.

Attended: Painting in Watercolor - Level 2

This was an amazing class. I loved it and Freddie is a wonderful teacher. He is encouraging, very knowledgeable and so friendly. I improved so much during the session. I am waiting for course horse to offer another session of the class.

Landscape Painting

Evelyn K.

Attended: Landscape Painting

This was just the class I have been looking for as a course in landscape painting at a more advanced level. Todd Carpenter is an outstanding teacher, beginning each class with a survey of paintings by other painters to show us how landscapes are treated. Then he gave us several landscape photos to choose from, and to paint as a challenge to our abilities. He also prepared extensive notes on how he would approach the paintings, which were extremely helpful. I tried a painting in black and white, which I'd never done, and learned a lot. He let us paint what we wanted and was always there with helpful comments and positive advice based on what we thought of our work. We all hoped he would teach a course again and were ready to sign up immediately! It was really a truly positive experience, and interesting people in the class who were all eager to learn more.

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1900 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, California 90405
Santa Monica College
Santa Monica, Beach Cities
1900 Pico Blvd
Btwn Delaware Ave & Pearl St
Santa Monica, California 90405

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Teachers at Santa Monica College

Aaron Henry Adam Gaines Alyssa Kress Amanda Botfeld Andrew Fisher & Lorena Ascencios Angela Young Anita Gill Ann Linquist Arlene Weinstock Arrington de Dionyso Ashley Chatman Ashley Emenegger Barbara Rain Barbara Hodgson Betzi Richardson Bob Cohen Brian Leng Bryan Ricci Camille Van Ast Candace Scott Carina Aguirre Carmelo Fiannaca Caroline Rakness Carrie Christensen Cathy Hegel CCI Staff CD Cooper Cecilia Dighero Cedric Wilson Charlene Messier Charlotte Chen Charlotte Richards Chelsea Devantez Christine Oppenheim Christy Wilhelmi Cohen-Naglestad Enterprises, LLC Curtis Adney Cyb Barnstable Cynthia Molnar Dave Broida Davida Rappaport Debbi Harper Deborah Lin Deborah Burns Desmond Ondatje Donyea Adams Doria Ragland Douglas Dee Dr. Cecelia Allison Dyonne Woolen Ed Mangus Elaine Moran Elcira Sanchez Eleanor Schrader Florian Frin Ford Lowcock Frances O'Brien Frank Blaney Freddie Manseau Gary Summerville Gayle Gale Gian-Martin Joller Good Times Travel Staff Greg Fox Gregory Van Zuyen Harriette McCauley Heather Lyle Holly Dare Inner Fitness Staff Irwin Thall Isabelle Pampillo Jackline Daneshrad James Wyllie Jan Ardell Jane Zingale Jasmyne Boswell Jason Kunke Jean Nunes Jean Barlow-Nunes Jeanne Day Jennifer Della'Zanna Jennifer McIntosh Jennifer Rose Jessica Minckley Jessica Miller Jillian Myers Joe DeCarlo John Anderson John Lynch Jonathan Solomon Joseph Bock Kathy Levyn Kazuko Smith Kazuko - Kellie Nicholson Kris Pangburn La Tany Louis Larry Jones Laura Luna Laura Souder Lilian Montepeque Linda Vallejo Lindsay Kessner Lisa Saperston Lisa Kellogg Lois Leonhardi Louise Rozett Louise Marler Louise Diana Lucy Liao Marey Barthoff Margaret Drach Marjorie Gayle Marlene Hutchinson Michelle Cole Mike Rounds Miriam Aguilar Monona Wali Nancy Kaye Nancy Miller Natasha Calzatti Nathalie Kramer Neal Yamamoto Nick Eneboe Nicola McGee Nicole Miller Nikki Gilbert Odemaris Valdivia Olufunke Thelma Elerewe Paola Barcaccia Patrisha Thomson Paul Heising Paula McIntosh Peter Russell Peter Risi Philip Hernandez Portia Iversen Priscilla Barnstable Rebecca Prange Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana Richard Utas Richard Hoffman Robert Klepa Roberta Wolin-Tupas Ronald Vitale Russell Ackerman Sarah Olim Scott Zaragoza Scott Silverman Searchlight Financial Staff Seth David Shar McBee Sharon Omi Sherry Davis Silvia Masera Simone Bartesaghi Simone Bartesaghi Sinclair Rimmon Slleyk da Bahia SMC Staff Stacey Collins Steve Anderson Susan Ryza Terri Bromberg Thomas Gin Thornhill Publishing Tim Simonson and Steph Lora Todd Carpenter Tony Tran Trish Lay Tristan Rodman Ursula Fox Valerie Lernihan Voices for All Staff Walt Louie Wayne Williams Xandria Slater Yelizaveta Nersesova
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