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Mental Toughness for Women in the Workspace

at Lisa Gillette -

It's true! As women we’re full of compassion, we’re intuitive and we want to help! We want to make things better!! But in the business world, women are sometimes accused of being TOO SENSITIVE, or even worse, “too emotional”. What a career killer! So where do we draw the line? How do we overcome career setbacks and professional disappointments...

Tuesday Feb 22nd, 6pm - 7:30pm Eastern Time

Retirement Planning Today

at El Camino College -

Learn how to avoid the 10 biggest retirement planning mistakes! Discover how to save money on taxes, manage investment risk in your portfolio and protect your assets from long-term health-care expenses. Above all, this course shows you how to assess your financial situation and develop a personalized plan to achieve your retirement goals. Whether or...

Saturday Jan 29th, 9am - 11pm Pacific Time

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

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Introduction to NLP

at The NLP Center of New York -

The Introduction to NLP is an experiential workshop designed to provide you with some of the basic tools and underlying principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how they can be used for personal transformation and professional excellence. You will learn how to enhance your effectiveness as a communicator as well as your ability to access “peak...

Sunday Feb 13th, 10am - 5pm Eastern Time

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

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Enneagram 101

at Upbuild -

Realizing your full potential. To do this, we must start by understanding ourselves completely – our underlying motivations, our fears, our desires, why we get triggered when we do, and how we can overcome whatever might be holding us back from achieving our goals. This workshop gives us a framework to better understand ourselves as well as the...

Saturday Feb 5th, 2pm - 6:30pm Eastern Time

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

at International Institute for Learning -

Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we: Perceive and express ourselves Develop and maintain social relationships Cope with challenges Use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way A skill set that transfers across all categories of relationship, Emotional Intelligence...

Monday Jan 31st, 8am - 11am Eastern Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

From the Ganges to the Walden Pond

at One Spirit Learning Alliance -

From the Ganges to the Walden Pond: The Visionary Spirituality of the American Transcendentalists A spiritual revolution swept through a young America in the 1800’s, combining ancient wisdom, sacred activism and a call for fresh and direct experience of the Divine.   This movement was known as Transcendentalism, and figures like Henry...

Wednesday Feb 2nd, 7pm - 9pm Eastern Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

Telling our Stories: Storytelling to Heal and Revere

at One Spirit Learning Alliance -

Telling our Stories: Storytelling to Heal and Revere Our Ancestral Line Storytelling is one of the world’s oldest art forms. Each time a story passes from one person to the next, it’s remembered and kept alive. Stories are global, can be found in every culture, from generation to generation, and they have the power to connect us all. In this...

Saturday Jan 29th, 9:30am - 5pm Eastern Time

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Managing Emotions in the Workplace

at American Management Association -

Full Course Title: Managing Emotions in the Workplace: Strategies for Success Unsure how to manage anger or frustration? Do you swallow your feelings until you can't hold back, then say too much? Are you in charge of your emotions, or are they in charge of you? If difficulties in managing your emotions are eroding your job performance, this powerful...

Thursday Jan 27th, 9am - 5pm Eastern Time

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

Weaving the Wisdom of the Celts: The History, Myth

at One Spirit Learning Alliance -

Weaving the Wisdom of the Celts: The History, Myth, and Nature of Iona, Scotland Invoke the ancient and mysterious Scottish Isle of Iona and share in the wisdom of Celtic Spirituality, past and present, through the beauty of storytelling, song, art, history and myth. Travel through such wisdom as ancient nature, pre-Christian paganism and Celtic Christianity....

Sunday Jan 30th, 9:30am - 5pm Eastern Time

Awakening the Healer Within: Medical Qigong

at New York Open Center -

Awakening the Healer Within: Medical Qigong Practice Leader Certification Training Become your healthiest, most resilient self with the Medical Qigong Practice Leader Certificate Training. This is a 4-session, 12-hour training designed to teach you how to restore a healthy balance of energy in the body, through both the ancient healing tradition...

Saturday Jan 29th, 2pm - 5pm Eastern Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

Level 1: INTENSIVE | Take the Lead

at Kathy Brown TLC LLC -

Level 1: INTENSIVE | Take the Lead - Roadmap to Standing in Your Power The fastest way to stand in your power and energize your life is to activate your personal energy through The Power of Five. The Power of Five is the foundation for all successful personal and business dynamics. These five creative forces include Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical,...

Tuesday Feb 1st, 11:30am - 1pm Central Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

Transformational Healing and Meditation

at School of Multidimensional Healing -

Come to explore with us for an evening of transformational healing. We will be discussing tools and transformative techniques to release limiting core beliefs that you're holding within the subconscious mind. Learn what makes up these core beliefs and the reinforcing mechanisms that maintain them in place and keep you choosing the same patterns and...

Friday Jan 28th, 7pm - 9pm Pacific Time

Time Management

at American Management Association -

What keeps you from getting things done during the day? Do you find yourself overloaded with work? Feel so stretched to the limit you can't set priorities? Exhaust yourself daily without accomplishing your goals? Remember, every minute of your day impacts the business. If you answer yes to one or more of the above, it's time to make real choices...

Thursday Feb 10th, 9am - 5pm Eastern Time

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

Personal Development Through Channeling

at School of Multidimensional Healing -

Channeling with Spirit is a process of allowing yourself to be more completely loved. With that expanded love, you can access to greater truth, trust and freedom. What you can expect from these classes: Connect to Higher Self Discussion and hands on exercises for a variety of methods of channeling. Attention to personal growth through self-responsibility...

Thursday Jan 27th, 7pm - 9pm Pacific Time

Qi-Gong (Online)

at Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness -

This healing class focus's on Ying and Yang principals and ancient philosophy. Today we use the techniques of circular movements, tapping, meditation, and vocalization to awaken the bodies self healing response. Restoring a state of balance and health by opening of the acupressure points, meridians, and chakras. Ancient asian practitioner's used this...

Tuesday Feb 1st, 11am - 12:15pm Central Time

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