THE RICHMOND DISTRICT (INNER), San Francisco, California
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​About Us

  • Our staffs are professional teachers with experience in teaching youth.
  • We specialized in working with students of all ages (Kindergarten / Elementary / Middle / High School / College), providing the most professional Chinese curriculums.
  • We teach phonetic pronunciation through Zhuyin to avoid confusion with English pronunciation.
  • Cultural and language learning progress simultaneously. Through personalized analysis of individual student, our teachers will develop the most appropriate learning curriculum for your child.
  • Emphasis on learning attitude: Our work is focused on ensuring our students are learning with joy and enthusiasm.
  • Emphasis on teamwork and community: Our teachers develop personalized curriculum depending on individual student's language level, learning style, family background and cultural context.
  • Our management team has an extensive experience in teaching a foreign language as well as a deep understanding of the Chinese culture.
Teaching Methods
  • Differentiated teaching
  • Provide a Chinese learning environment where students can see and hear Chinese in the classroom.
  • Emphasis on repeatability and habits of studying, reviewing and using Chinese.
  • Student-centered approach where we encourage the students to drive the learning.
  • Usage of videos and presentation in lesson plans to capture students' attention.
  • Numerous classroom activities and group projects.
  • Inspire and instill interest in learning Chinese.
  • Promote the learning of Chinese culture.
  • Cultivate motivation to continue learning Chinese.
  • Develop fluency in daily Chinese reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Encourage participation in various academic and talent competition to promote learning.
  • Prepare for high school Chinese Advance Placement tests and SAT Subject test.

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436 Clement St, San Francisco, California 94118
436 Clement St
Btwn 5th & 6th Avenues
San Francisco, California 94118

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