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Liberate Hollywood

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Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
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Liberate Emporium is a retail shop and holistic healing center in the heart of Los Feliz, Los Angeles, that stands for people transforming their lives. We pride ourselves on our heart-centered services and our exceptional practitioners. Liberate embodies warmth, love and instills peace and hope, giving people the means to achieve positive transformation.

Here at Liberate Emporium, we are focused on providing the tools for healing in an array of crystals and celestial creations, handmade and unique journals, incenses, candles, tarot and oracle decks as well as locally made jewelry. These aid in the development of meditation and exploring your psychic abilities. People love stopping in and picking up a gift for themselves or another that hold deeper meaning and which provide pivotal assistance, guidance or support in one’s life.

At Liberate Emporium we provide an array of services to help heal, transform and guide individuals. Currently, we offer Hypnosis, Energy Healing such as reiki, Life and Career Coaching, Nutritional Counselling and Intuitive Coaching. Our services are performed at our Los Feliz location. We service all ages and walks of life, from children to adults, from people of low social economic stand point to very wealthy. The people that visit us are open to alternative healing and have a spiritual belief system no matter what religion base they follow.

Reviews of Liberate Hollywood

(25 Reviews)
Performance Yoga Method (Livestream)

Lori D.

Attended: Performance Yoga Method (Livestream)

The class did not happen and I wasn't given any notice. I waited 15 minutes for Zoom Mtg to start. Very disappointed.

SoundBath & Reiki Infused

Taylor S.

Attended: SoundBath & Reiki Infused


Quantum Mystic Meditation: Back To The Future


Attended: Quantum Mystic Meditation: Back To The Future

Awesome transformational experience

Virgo New Moon Earth Magick Crystal Grid

Suzi K.

Attended: Virgo New Moon Earth Magick Crystal Grid

My daughter and I loved this ceremony Filled with so much love and healing Rebecca is an angel ♡ we will be bk for more ceremonies

Breathwork for Clarity & Manifestation

Isabelle S.

Attended: Breathwork for Clarity & Manifestation

It was an experience, awesome one..I am hooked for some more sessions in the future.

Infrared Lights Slow Flow Yoga


Attended: Infrared Lights Slow Flow Yoga

The Instructor was great, her practice was thorough and flowy. Very Informative and knowledgeable of CBD oil, it was my first time trying it I did notice a slight relief of my wide-spread body pain not sure if it was a placebo effect or the CBD or infrared lights or the yoga but all in all it was a great experience.

Psychic Messages Circle

Taylor S.

Attended: Psychic Messages Circle

Taylor S. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

Quantum Mystic Meditation: Back To The Future

Shelley P.

Attended: Quantum Mystic Meditation: Back To The Future

Shelley P. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony with Sound

Alice R.

Attended: Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony with Sound

Alice R. gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

Hypnosis for Abundance Meditation

Yvonne k.

Attended: Hypnosis for Abundance Meditation

Yvonne k. gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028
Liberate Hollywood
Hollywood, Hollywood
6365 Selma Ave
Btwn Cosmo St & Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028

We do not have parking. There are many lots available right across the street and on the surrounding blocks, with a typical charge of $8 for the day. There are also meters available which we don't recommend in case a class goes longer than expected (this happens sometimes!).

Upcoming Classes at Liberate Hollywood

Relaxation Sound Bath
Relaxation Sound Bath
Next start date:

Sunday Sep 26th, 6pm - 7:15pm Pacific Time

The Guided Psychedelic Journey
The Guided Psychedelic Journey
Next start date:

Thursday Oct 21st, 7pm - 9pm Pacific Time

Teachers at Liberate Hollywood

Lili Aaron Weaver & Lindsay Adams Aaron, Lili & Edward Adam and Tressa Adrienne & Amir Alec Figueroa Alex Mill Alexandra Ali Young & Sharee Nicole Amira Luna Amrit Daswani Amrit Daswani Andrea & Naseem Andrew Coletti Angelo & Friends Angelo Lovato & Chasity Ramsey Annelise Anya Grace Arik Arista Ilona Athena StarSeed Atty. Marcia Daley Audria O’Neill Avasa & Matthew Azul Beatriz Becca Davis & Rita Turner Brandi Butler Brandi Butler Brandon Bozarth Brennan Brian Griffith & Ang Wilson Caitlin Caitlin Meek & The Cannabis Project Callie & Chelsea Camille Candace Marie Carisa Carisa Bianca Mellado & Andrew Dalziell Catherine Auman Catherine Auman & Greg Lawrence Catherine Auman, LMFT & Greg Lawrences Celeste McMillan Celine Wallace & Brandy Velasquez Chef Dana Klitzberg Chris Spoltore Christian & Brandee Christina Barlow Christine Aprile Cristina Dam Cristina David Scharff Desiree & Pranna Devon Miller Diana Osberg Diana Raab Doreene Dr. Steven Schwartz Drea Drea Aguilar Eadig Edward Edward & Friends Eleonora Berenyi Elijah Emilio Emily Stroia Eric Matthew Sedorovitz Eric Matthew Sedorovitz & Shane Thunder Chunephisal Erica Ormsby Erika Buenaflor Erin Erin Stack Esoteric Esa Eve Buigues, Mar Hobbs & Patsy Moore Frank Zhu G. K. Hunter Gina Skye Gina & Shannon Gopala Bhakta Grace McGrade Grace Oh Greg Toews Greg Lawrence Hannah Rodriguez Harriet Heidi Bohan Helen Helen Vonderheide iLan Azoulai James Bene Janet Bartlett-Goodman Jannette Marie Jay Bradley Jay and Shanila Jay Bradley & Isabella Jay Bradley & Melissa Rebronja Jean Grant Jenelle Jenn Rodriguez Jenn Jeralyn Glass Jeroen Jerome Ali Jessica Alyse, MA Jessica Alyse, Asheya & Maria Jill Marie Morris Joey Adetola Jonathan Mejia Joseph Adetola Justin St Clair Kait Boehm Kait Boehm & Lesley Castle Kat Trimarco Katherine Kims Kathleen McKeehen Katie Pelkey Katie Pelkey & Christine Tran Kei Okubo & Lili Reyes Ken France Kiara Tenae Kimberlie Eddy Kimberly Murphy Kimberly Meredith Kimi Moon Kris Embrey Krishna Camargo Kristin Kyle Polansky Lani Buess Lani Barnes Lapis Tiger Lili Reyes Lili Lily Marks Lisa Lori Love Ablan Ludwig & Matthew Lynn Jordan Mai Abe Mai Abe & Brandon "B.E" Howard Marcela Arrieta Marguerite Gioia Mari Fix Mark D'Aquila Mary Sheridan Mary Kathryn & Maria Matt Walczak Matthew Tutsky Matthew - Mayuko Michael Mina Bahadori Mina Bahadori & Narayan Nam Mira Kelly Mira Kelley & Nathan Ross Morgan Mumtaj Nancy Adler Nathan Ross Nia Tracey Ostrand Nikki Bridges Nina Hollywood Nina Norma - Nyrie Olivia Oscar Galvan Paul Paul Jacek Paul Jacek & Mary Kennedy Philip 'Niren' Toelkes Prem Dasi Prem Dasi and Rachel Kann Rainbeau Mars Raquelle David Rebekah Muir Rita Oliveira Turner Rita Turner & Rachel Brodeur River Robin Schneider Rory Stamp Rynda Laurel Sabrina Headstrong Sahar Samba Schutte, Mark Sipka, Melissa Shoshahi & Rawle Dee Sandy Sara Adler Sarah Herrington Sarah Watkins Sarah Burton and Allie Kokesh Schirin Chams-Diba & Alisha Shahram Shiva Shaman Rami Shanila - Shanila and Gina Shivananda Swamiji Sifu Matthew Siri & Kamala Stargods Stephanie - Surj Bahra & Kimberlie Eddy Susan Miller Swaha Ron & Divojananda Sweet Tatas Tamwah and Saritah Tanya Tati Terrie Huberman The Art Studio NY Staff Tomm Voss Torkom Ji Tracey Tracey "Nia" Ostrand Travis Taylor Travis - Uche Elueze Uche Elueze Uncle Mommy (AKA Paul) Venant Wong Vernon Mahabal Veronica Kelly Vik Wendi Morrison Wendy Parr, Medium & Wayne Lee Yuri . Yuriana Kim
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