Photography Classes Houston

Discover your inner artist with a wide range of photography classes in Houston. From beginner basics to advanced techniques, learn how to capture stunning images and master the art of photography.

7 classes in-person in Houston have spots left, and 8 classes live online are available.

Half Day Private Digital Photography (Houston) Deal

Half Day Private Digital Photography (Houston)

Digital Photo Academy @ Cross Streets TBA, Houston, TX 77002

Digital Photo Academy instructors are available to accommodate personal schedules and provide a half day, 3 hours of instruction to suit the needs of individual parties. Typically the session will last approximately, beginning with a discussion about the student’s specific camera equipment and photographic needs, then leading into an in-the-field shoot that coincides with the photography goals of the student. The shoot can focus on Landscape,...

Wednesday Oct 4th, 10am–1pm Central Time

All Day Private Digital Photography (Houston) Deal

All Day Private Digital Photography (Houston)

Digital Photo Academy @ Cross Streets TBA, Houston, TX 77002

Digital Photo Academy instructors are available to accommodate personal schedules and provide a full day, 6 hours of instruction to suit the needs of individual parties. Typically the session will last approximately, beginning with a discussion about the student’s specific camera equipment and photographic needs, then leading into an in-the-field shoot that coincides with the photography goals of the student. The shoot can focus on Landscape,...

Wednesday Oct 4th, 10am–4pm Central Time


Digital Photography Live In-the-Field @Tranquility Park

Digital Photo Academy @ 400 Rusk St, Houston, TX 77002

When conjuring up images of Houston, many individuals who don’t know the city might not realize the myriad of photo ops that are available, from charming Victorian Homes and turn of the century stately architecture to modern concept parks and gleaming skyscrapers.  There are beautiful spaces with lovely fountains, historic statues, great oak trees and colorful gardens. And the meandering river that snakes though the city offers photographic...

Saturday Oct 14th, 11:30am–2:30pm Central Time

Digital Photography Live In-the-Field @ Market Square Deal

Digital Photography Live In-the-Field @ Market Square

Digital Photo Academy @ 301 Milam St, Houston, TX 77002

Historic Market Square A sunset timing shoot to catch the charm of Houston’s Old Market Square offers a plethora of photo ops. Thanks to most of the buildings not exceeding 2 stories, possibly a skyscraper or two but only off in a bit of the distance, the literal sunset shoot is quite lovely. And the oldest building, now a bar, dates back to around the 1850’s, so vintage architectural shooting is in the cards too. Then there...

Saturday Jan 13th, 3:30–6:30pm Central Time


Digital Photography Live In-the-Field @ Museum District

Digital Photo Academy @ 1401 Richmond Ave , Houston, TX 77006

Each Composition in the Field class begins with a talk with one of our experienced instructors, and then you and your fellow students take a stroll through one of a variety of photogenic locales (in any of the 20+ cities the DPA encapsulates).  There is street photography, magnificent interiors, farmers markets, zoos, landscapes, and more, photos of which are included within. These photos are a mix of student and instructor images in many different...

Saturday Dec 9th, 11am–2pm Central Time

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Digital Photography Live In-the-Field @ Houston Zoo Deal

Digital Photography Live In-the-Field @ Houston Zoo

Digital Photo Academy @ 6200 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030

Back in 1905 Houston populations was 44,000 with 80 automobiles to get everyone around, but not far away, Mr. Barrett struck oil and Houston entered the energy game. Still the zoo was not much to speak of with a collection of rabbits, raccoons, Mexican eagles, black bear, some owls, capuchin monkeys, prairie dogs and the beginnings of an alligator pond. In 1920, the federal government sent Earl to the zoo, a bison, for safe keeping as they approached...

Saturday Feb 10th, 11am–2pm Central Time

Master Your Digital Camera Controls (Houston) Deal

Master Your Digital Camera Controls (Houston)

Digital Photo Academy @ 400 Rusk St, Houston, TX 77002

This workshop will offer instruction for people who want to learn the ins and outs of their cameras. Improve your skills no matter which camera model you own! Take this Course if you: Just purchased a Digital SLR Camera/Point and shoot camera Want to learn to make simple and creative changes to your pictures using the functions of your camera Want to learn all the base knowledge about your camera before taking a more advanced class We also...

Saturday Oct 14th, 10–11:30am Central Time


Digital Photography I

PhotoUno Photography School

Learn to control your camera in our virtual beginner photography class. We have modified our in studio class to be taught completely online. In this 5 week course you will learn the photography essentials we cover in our Digital Photography I from anywhere. The instructor will be teaching the class on Zoom. All your questions will be answered live. If you'd like to retake the class in person, you can! When you want to join our in studio classes,...

Tuesday Oct 10th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Conceptual Photography

Los Angeles Center of Photography @ *Virtual Classroom

What is the meaning behind your imagery? Can the viewer connect to your photograph in a conceptual way? Is it an emotional connection, or a clever idea, or does the viewer feel the “aha” experience when viewing your work? Do you share a narrative or tell a story with your work? In this six-session conceptual photography course, students will learn to develop their ideas and think before shooting. Concepts will be discussed, critiqued and communicated...

Wednesday Nov 1st, 6–8pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Basic Photography - Part 1

Los Angeles Center of Photography @ *Virtual Classroom

In this beginning workshop, students will learn all the controls and functions on their digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras, basic camera operation (including f-stop, shutter speed and ISO), fundamental concepts of photography, and how to control the photograph’s final look.  Discussions include composition and light, how to get the background in or out of focus, how to stop or blur motion, why to use one ISO over another, when to use...

Saturday Nov 4th, 10–11:30am Pacific Time

 (12 sessions)


12 sessions

Macro photography with Don Komarechka

Princeton Photo Workshop @ Online Classroom

Join acclaimed Canadian Macro Photographer, Author and Podcaster Don Komarechka for an entirely new 4 week Macro Photography course.   Macro photography offers an invaluable window into wondrous worlds on a tiny scale while, at the same time, presenting the photographer with unique challenges, from shallow depth of field through blurry images, low contrast, harsh light and more. Over eight hours, we'll unpack the challenges and learn...

Saturday Feb 3rd, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

The Soul of Infrared Photography: From the Basics to the Sublime

Los Angeles Center of Photography @ *Virtual Classroom

Infrared Photography allows us to see a world that doesn’t exist, a world where our artistic soul resides. Join us as we talk about the soulfulness of storytelling with infrared. From the basics of getting started to the production of sublime finished images. This class is part of Saturday webinar series. These 90-minute presentations, taught by leading professionals in the field, are designed to be informative and educational. A wide range of...

Saturday Dec 2nd, 10–11:30am Pacific Time

Using Surrealism’s Toolbox in Your Photography


Ceci n’est pas une photo: Using Surrealism’s Toolbox in Your Photography Our understanding of surrealism has become watered down into a set of mainstream clichés: the once-revolutionary images of melting clocks, burning giraffes, and floating rocks of Dali and Magritte are so common that we see them more as design elements on shower curtains and mouse pads than as art. In a series of weekly assignments, we’ll rummage through the surrealist’s...

Wednesday Nov 8th, 1–3pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

The Exciting World of iPhone Photography

Washington Photo Safari @ Virtual Classroom

Whether you have a new iPhone 12 Pro Max, or even an iPhone 11 or 10, join us for a motivating, 2-hour hands-on workshop via Zoom to learn how to take great photos with your iPhone. Topics include: an introduction to the basic (and advanced) photographic functions of your phone; how to use little know features to drastically improve your photography; and an overview of the most important rules of composition and how/why they affect your photos....

Sunday Oct 8th, 1–3pm Pacific Time

Let Movies Inspire Your Photography: Part I


Examining the work of filmmakers can be eye-opening for photographers. This class will help you improve your compositional skills and deepen your work through a visual study of a wide range of movies. We’ll view and analyze film clips from movies throughout history and from around the world — from France and Italy, to 60s American Noir, Hong Kong action, contemporary films, old black and white, and more. Our group discussion will cover different...

Monday Oct 2nd, 1–3:30pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

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Discover the Best Photography Classes in Houston

If you have considered taking a photography class, Houston is a great place to start. They offer courses both online and in person for all levels of photographer. However, before beginning classes, consider how in-depth you would like to take your learning. 

Why You Should Learn Photography in Houston

If you need a reason to learn photography in Houston, there are plenty of reasons. One of them is gaining access to a larger community. Photography is a great way to connect with others with similar interests helping you make new friends. Houston has a few options for photography clubs and groups. The Houston Innerloop Photo Club is devoted to helping members become better photographers. They offer monthly outings that typically feature a guest speaker. The photo club also hosts monthly photo discussions where each member can attend with five images around a selected topic, and the group has conversations around the concepts. Annual dues for the club are about $50. 

You could also join the Houston Camera Club. This club is excellent if you want to learn or improve your photography skills, participate in competitions, learn the latest in photo editing, and spend time with other photographers with similar interests. The group has monthly meetings at a local community center on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Finally, there’s the Houston Photochrome Club. Founded in 1967, this is an excellent group for men and women of all ages looking to enjoy learning and help others learn about photography. 

If connecting with others differs from what you are looking for when considering photography, there are other benefits. Learning this skill can also be a fun hobby that relieves stress and can help you be productive during your free time. Finally, the skills you learn as a photographer can help you flourish in your current career or help you start up a new side hustle. You can sell your photos on the side or take pictures for others, such as weddings, graduations, or family events. Photography is a transferable skill as well. Having an eye for a good shot can help you pay attention to details and improve your problem-solving skills. Learning photography has many benefits that can enhance your personal life or career. 

In-Person Photography Classes in Houston

Houston has some great options for photography schools offering in-person classes. Kathy Adams Clark Photography is based in The Woodlands, and Kathy herself provides the courses. Kathy’s goal is to promote photography and the natural world through teaching. She hails that her photos have appeared in ad campaigns, guidebooks, textbooks, and brochures, with her images being displayed weekly in the Houston Chronicle. She’s had over 10,000 people attend her photography classes since 2000, so you can expect to be in good hands in one of her classes. If you consider taking the Photoshop for Photographers course offered at Kathy Adams Clark Photography, you can expect to learn a lot. The course teaches students Camera RAW, histograms, clipping, file browser, and metadata on Photoshop CC. Students will also learn a proven workflow to get their photos off their computers and into use. This course is excellent if you want to learn how to take photo editing to the next level.

Digital Photo Academy is known for its nationwide worship series dedicated to promoting the culture of digital photography. DPA keeps its classes small and taught by talented and accredited professional photographers. DPA is mainly known for its live in-the-field workshops. These workshops start with a tour with one of the DPA-experienced photographers through Houston’s most scenic street locations. All live-in-the-field classes last three hours, and students will learn how to shoot strategically, get more exciting photos, and walk away with a foundation to improve their photographs in the future. 

For example, the Digital Photography Live In-The-Field @ Rice University will guide students around some Houston photogenic spots from Victorian Homes and century stately Architecture. The Digital Photography Live In-The-Field @ Market Square course is offered through DPA. The workshop is timed around sunset, giving students a chance to catch the charm of Houston’s Old Market Square. Students will also visit the Majestic Metro Theater while checking out painted murals and outdoor sculptures. If you are not quite ready for an in-the-field course, DPA offers a Master Your Digital Camera Controls (Houston) course. This one-session course is excellent for students that just purchased a Digital SLR Camera/Point and shoot camera that wants to learn to make simple and creative changes to their pictures, and even those who want to know all the basic knowledge about their camera before moving on to the next level of classes. DPA has something for all students.

Virtual Photography Classes 

If you have not considered it, virtual photography classes are also a great way to learn this new trade. There are pros and cons to consider before deciding to register for your next virtual class. Some pros include attending your class from anywhere, having more class options, and no commute. Online classes mean that you can log into your photography course from your couch, front porch, or on vacation, giving you the freedom to take your class from wherever it makes you the most comfortable. In addition to being able to take a class from anywhere, you have more class options. Now that you can take a class from anywhere in the world, you can access more choices. For example, if a course in Chicago catches your eye from your Los Angeles apartment, go ahead and sign up. Just keep up with the time differences. Finally, no driving to class is required! Taking a class online means avoiding traveling to a traditional school, worrying about parking, and running into a classroom. Simply log into your virtual classroom at least 5 minutes before start time, and enjoy your easy “commute.” 

The benefits are great, but you should also consider the cons of a virtual class, Namely, receiving instant feedback. When taking an online course, it could be more challenging to receive instant feedback from the instructor due to the setup of the course. Most online courses plan for this by allowing students to submit photos or questions for feedback at the end of each period or have a live instructor that allows for questions. However, some students may still go unnoticed. While this can be fixed, it can be seen as a challenge depending on the type of student you are and your needs. Another con of a virtual class, you usually need to provide your equipment. On the other hand, this is typically the requirement for most photography classes, even in-person ones. 

Once you have decided that online photography classes are the best option for you, there are many options to choose from. For example, the Still Life Styling and Photography online course is offered through the Penumbra Foundation. The course is split into two sessions and will discuss the act of storytelling through still-life photography and work on techniques for creating beautiful object portraits for use as a selling tool, gift, or tribute. This course is excellent for students considering selling their work on sites like Etsy or Instagram. Or you could choose the iPhone Photography virtual course the Chicago Botanic Garden offers. A seminar is split into three sessions that help students explore and learn some of the better-known apps used for nature photography. Students can expect to learn the basics of iPhone photography, examine photos taken during class, and enhance, manipulate, or alter them. Finally, The Documentary Photography Narrative is a six-session online learning class hosted by the Los Angeles Center of Photography. In this workshop, open to all levels of photographers, students will have the chance to present their work. Other students will consider sequencing, narrative, and potential strategies to create a personal vision that resonates with the photos. Students can expect lots of discussion about strategy and individual approaches to storytelling with your photos. 

Private Group Photography Classes in Houston

Private photography classes can be fun to connect with friends or colleagues. With the help of CourseHorse, you can plan a private group photography class in Houston for your next team-building event. You can check out their website to see what types they offer that would be an excellent fit for your team. On the other hand, if they do not provide the class you need, a virtual party planner from CourseHorse can help you plan your next private event. When you complete the contact form on their website, a virtual party planner will contact you within two business hours. To complete the form, you will need to know how many guests you anticipate, the date of your event, and a description of what you are looking for, and your virtual party planner will handle the rest. You can expect a booking confirmation within 24 hours. If the event includes the materials, CourseHorse will arrange for them to be sent to your guests before the big day. If you have a preferred virtual platform, CourseHorse likely supports it.