Snapology provides interactive, STEM / STEAM programs for children featuring technology and/or popular building toys (such as LEGO® bricks and K’Nex® toys). We provide a dedicated Snapologist to teach your scouts, as they work in pairs to promote team building and earn badges, pins and awards. Snapology STEM scout patches are available at an additional cost.

With dozens of programs to choose from, there is something for everyone. From fun themed programs using LEGO® bricks and K'Nex® to STEM / STEAM programs, Robotics, Animation / Movie-Making, Drones and Video Game Design, your children will be engaged from the minute the walk in the door. Shh, don't tell them it's educational.

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Pokémania Online STEM


Attended: Pokémania Online STEM

This class was entertaining and the kids loved it!

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