M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater

M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater

Santa Monica, Santa Monica, California
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In 1998 six guys from the improv group Mission IMPROVable at UMASS Amherst moved to Chicago, the Mecca of improv, to continue to learn and perform the art of improvisation.

In 2000 they began touring their short form comedy show and in 2001 they performed at NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) and hit it big! They began performing shows at colleges all across the country and eventually had to hire more guys and a van to travel in named "Vanarky." Then they hired a second generation of touring improvisers, then a third, a fourth and on and on and on….

In 2002 the first handful of M.i. guys came out to Los Angeles to develop a sketch pilot for MTV and were eventually beat out by Human Giant. However, they continued to be permanent fixtures on many of LA’s most popular comedy stages.

On April 1st, 2009 (yes, April Fools Day) Mission IMPROVable bought Mi’s Westside Comedy Theater. We embraced the standup community, started a training center and on September 2011 we opened our bar. Now serving over 30 plus beers with never a drink minimum!

Currently, Mission IMPROVable has over 50 members and performs over 350 shows a year from Hawaii to Singapore. M.i. Productions is also involved in projects for film, TV and created an alcohol awareness show “A Shot of Reality” for colleges and military bases across the country. We are also the official home of the Youtube sensation “Epic Rap Battles of History,” which was born out of the show Check One, Two at the theater.

In 2013 they also launched the Westcast Network, a comedy podcast network complete with in-house recording studio.

The owners of the theater still perform regularly every Thursday night at 10PM for free in The Grind; and you can see the home company of the show that started it all, Mission IMPROVable, every Friday and Saturday at 10PM.

Reviews of M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater

(17 Reviews)
Voiceover Workshop

Mabel A.

Attended: Voiceover Workshop

The instructor was informative and engaging. He offered great resources and feedback.

Start Writing Sketch Comedy Now


Attended: Start Writing Sketch Comedy Now

Class space was freezing. It was uncomfortable to spend 4 hours there- even with a coat. Instructor was nice. Class was just okay.

Yes Anding The Pilot

Heather D.

Attended: Yes Anding The Pilot

Matt, the instructor, was encouraging and supportive during the screenwriting process. He gave awesome us notes that helped to shape our pilot.

Yes Anding The Pilot

Leigh D.

Attended: Yes Anding The Pilot

Absolutely loved this class!

Westside Improv Drop-In

Dave F.

Attended: Westside Improv Drop-In

Zach is amazing and did great work even with a huge group.

Westside Improv Drop-In

Eddie W.

Attended: Westside Improv Drop-In

Derek was an awesome coach. It was fun and I am looking forward to learning more about improv.

Westside Improv Drop-In

Carrie K.

Attended: Westside Improv Drop-In

Really truly enjoyed the improv class I look forward to attending another soon! Carrie King

Fundamentals A: Intro to Improv


Attended: Fundamentals A: Intro to Improv

As a very shy person (who put off taking this class for years), I found it to be an incredibly valuable program. Each class I felr more and more comfortable! Really enjoyed showing up to each class!

Voiceover Workshop

Tori R.

Attended: Voiceover Workshop

Tori R. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

Improv 101: Intro to Improv

Brittany J.

Attended: Improv 101: Intro to Improv

Brittany J. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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1323-A 3rd St Promenade, Santa Monica, California 90401
M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater
Santa Monica, Beach Cities
1323-A 3rd St Promenade
Btwn Arizona Ave & Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, California 90401

You can find us at the back of the Parking Garage #3 (Structure Three, whose entrance is on 4th Street just north of Santa Monica Blvd). We are the only awesome theater in the alley that has painted brick, and shouting coming from it. Parking The easiest place to park is in Parking Garage #3 (Structure Three, whose entrance is on 4th Street just north of Santa Monica Blvd across from Chase Bank.) It's free for the first 90 minutes and only $1 for the first hour after that. That means 2 1/2 hours for $1 any time you park! It's a $1.50 every half hour after that. Cheap and easy parking FTW! There is also some surrounding street parking that is free after 6PM on 5th street and east.

Teachers at M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater

Aaron Krebs Aaron Krebs & Patrick McIntyre Adam Cawley Al Garcia Alexandra Catalano Amey Goerlich Amey Amey Goerlich, Carla & Craig Cackowski, Jay Sukow, Nick Armstrong Amey Goerlich, Carla & Craig Cackowski, Colleen Doyle, Nick Armstrong Ami Clover Ami Sarfati Ana Menendez Andy Dick Bisola Neil Brian Shortall Brian James O’Connell Bridget Firtle, Dave Wondrich, Karl Franz Williams & Ariel L. Wilson Bryce Wissel Carla Cackowski Carla Cackowski, Nick Armstrong, Jaime Moyer, Craig Cackowski & Patrick Rowland Carla Cackowski, Patrick Rowland, Craig Cackowski, Chris Alvarado &Amey Goerlich Chad Damiani Chris Alvarado Cole Stratton Colin Sweeney Courtney Paige Barnett Craig Cackowski Dan Oster Dave Hill David Barnum Drew Coolidge Ed Galvez Elaine Chu Erin Coleman Gillian Bellinger Holly Brown Jackie Monahan Jacklyn Uweh James Heaney James Heaney and Joey Greer Jane Dickson, Scott Dougan & Vinson Cunningham Jason Shotts Jay Sukow Jean Villepique Jeffrey Thompson Jennifer Murray Joey Greer John Carlin John Carlin Jon Thompson Jose Acain Judd Cherry Kambua Chema, Danny Howard, Wendy Love, Denise Orlin, Nick Sinnott, Rick & Erinn Karen Graci Karen Wight Katy Schutte Kelly Moffitt Kevin Chesley Kevin McDonald Landon Kirksey Lauren Hudson Lindsay Weglarz Lloyd Ahlquist Marc Warzecha Marc Warzecha Mark Comon, Duane Cassone, Robert Vlach, Dave Bever, Mark Crase, Mary Cilva Mary Gutfleish Matt Schlissel Matthew Dey Perez Mike Betette Nat Baimel New York Angels & Jewelbots Nick Armstrong Oksana Mironova O’Connor, Barrick, Erdman, Huddleston Patrick McIntyre Patrick Rowland Patrick McIntyre and Bryce Wissel Patrick McIntyre, Bryce Wissel, Gillian Bellinger and Jen Burton Paul Stein Paul Brittain Peter Fluet Ray Timmons Rebecca Daryl Rendel Leatherman Rich Baker Roberto Lewis Rolland Lopez Rolland Lopez Sam E. Mark Samantha Lyons Seth Brown Shaun Fisher Shelagh Ratner Simon Sutton Tanvi Misra & Other Speakers Ted Barrow Thea Lux Timmy Mayse Timmy Tamisiea Tommy DuRoss Tony Lewellen Tonya Utkina Trevor Tevel Valerie Tosi Will Luera Zach Huddleston ZinePak
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