290 Fitness

290 Fitness

Spring Branch East, Houston, Texas
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We are not a commercial gym where the first sight to be seen is the sea of machines that come with no directions. 290 Fitness is based on a team/group workout environment, very different from the commercial gyms. We have coaches to guide you, teammates to inspire you, and workouts to change you.

We are a fitness family. We all come together under one roof with a common goal: To be as fit as we can. While different methods to the madness, everyone here works together and helps each other to find their fit. At 290 fitness, if you’re looking for it- and your working for it, you will find your STRONG.

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4129 Southerland Rd, Houston, Texas 77092
290 Fitness
Spring Branch East
4129 Southerland Rd
Btwn Thornwall St & Barney Rd
Houston, Texas 77092

Teachers at 290 Fitness

David Munoz Rosie Hernandez Tom Zigrang Vee Miguel