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BridgeLanguages is a division of Bridge Education Group, a leader in language training and education abroad with 30 years of experience. We offer the highest quality translation, interpretation and language training services. With headquarters in Denver, Colorado and offices in Argentina and Chile, BridgeLanguages combines the accessibility of a local company with global reach and capability.

At BridgeLanguages, we bring our passion for foreign languages to verify everything we do. We believe that a properly translated document or a faithfully rendered interpretation can determine the success of an endeavor. We believe that an effective and accessible foreign language class can promote cultural competency and create global citizens. We’ve experienced firsthand how intricate multilingual communication can be, and over the years we’ve established streamlined processes to avoid common pitfalls and maintain the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in translations, interpretations and language training.

BridgeLanguages guarantees personal support and attention. We are dedicated to your needs, so you will receive personalized and timely communications from start to finish, we will be attentive to your needs and answer all of your questions, calls and emails.

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