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Parenting Classes Coming up in Denver and Online

Unfortunately, no classes in-person in Denver have spots left, but 15 classes live online are available.

Becoming Parents: What You Really Need to Know

92nd Street Y

Find out what to expect, what is "normal" and where to go for help in those first few months. This session covers important topics, such as sleep, behavior, temperament, helping your child develop a schedule, balancing competing family demands and typical experiences of newborns and their parents. Price is per couple.

Tuesday Jul 18th, 6–8pm Eastern Time

for 2 students

Now That You’re a Grandparent

92nd Street Y

Becoming a grandparent is one of life’s most joyful experiences! It may also be a minefield when it comes to the relationship with your own children. Join new and expecting grandparents and Director Emeritus of the 92NY Lipschultz Parenting Center, Sally Tannen as we discuss how to maintain healthy relationships with your children and their partners. Hear why they may not want your advice, how to help them in their new roles, and when to get...

Wednesday Jun 7th, 3–4:30pm Eastern Time

for 2 students

HypnoBirthing (Online)

Sakinah Birth @ Online Class

What Is HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method? The HypnoBirthing Philosophy is simple: Birth is instinctive and can be experienced in a calm, joyful and more comfortable manner. Fear, anxiety, and anguish do not have to accompany pregnant women and their birthing experiences. Why HypnoBirthing? HypnoBirthing is a comprehensive and evidence-based childbirth education program. This amazing program teaches both mother and partner about birthing in a...

Saturday Jul 1st, 11am–2pm Central Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Infant Sleep Live Webinar

Birth Day Presence @ Online Classroom

Join our expert and Pediatric Sleep Consultant for an informative class full of practical advice and guidance on infant sleep. This live webinar will help expecting parents learn about all things sleep in the early days of having a newborn and provide an opportunity for Q&A.  We will cover:  understanding normal infant sleep patterns  creating a safe sleep environment for you baby  tips for new parents to maximize their...

Sunday Jun 11th, 7–8pm Eastern Time

Childbirth Education Basics (3 Hours)

Birth Day Presence @ Online Classroom

Birth Day Presence childbirth preparation classes are well rounded and accessible. As doulas and childbirth educators, we have assisted thousands of expectant parents through a wide range of birth choices and experiences. We welcome all types of families and individuals. Designed for the busy New Yorker. Pricing is per couple or single + support person. Class is a blend of lecture, video, demonstration and practice and will include, but not be...

Tuesday Jun 20th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

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Toddler Sleep

92nd Street Y

Imagine this: You start the bedtime routine at 6:45 pm. By 7 pm, your children are soundly sleeping, and you are running a bubble bath for yourself or cozying up on the couch for some Netflix. You can have your evenings back AND have happy, well-rested children. Toddlers can learn to fall asleep independently and to sleep all night even if they’ve never done so before! It’s not too late. In this class we’ll cover: Bedtime routines: exact...

Thursday Jul 13th, 1–2pm Eastern Time

Labor Skills: Movement and Positions

Birth Day Presence @ Online Classroom

The evidence shows that birthing people should be encouraged to labor and push in the positions they find most comfortable. Upright positions are associated with lower perceived pain, shorter labors, and higher satisfaction. We’ll review and explore: Movement and positions most useful for dilation (1st stage of labor) Movement and positions for pushing (2nd stage of labor) Pillows, yoga mats, chairs, birth balls, scarves will all be mentioned....

Thursday Jun 15th, 6–7pm Eastern Time

Labor Skills: Focus

Birth Day Presence @ Online Classroom

Intense focus and mental distraction techniques during labor are powerful techniques which can be used to bring the birthing person’s attention away from the sensation or pain that they are experiencing. By shifting focus our brains may experience labor sensations less painfully or uncomfortably. Shifting focus can also reduce anxiety and bring a greater sense of calm during labor. In this class, we’ll introduce you to and practice several...

Thursday Jun 22nd, 6–7pm Eastern Time

Caring for your Newborn Grandchild

92nd Street Y

A practical, hands on workshop covering all aspects of caring for a newborn, with an emphasis on today’s philosophy and techniques. From what’s changed since your children were babies to modern ideas of feeding, and sleeping, this is an essential class for any grandparent who’ll be spending time with a newborn baby. For Grandparents Only. One or both grandparents welcome.

Tuesday Jul 25th, 3–4:30pm Eastern Time

for 2 students

Pelvic Floor Preparation

Birth Day Presence @ Online Classroom

Finding Your Core & Pelvic Floor, Pre and Postpartum (Online) In this class, you will have a chance to: Connect with breath as a tool for engaging and releasing our pelvic floor Practice low impact strengthening exercises for the core and pelvic floor to promote stability and alignment Do simple, effective stretches for the upper back, neck, and shoulders to alleviate everyday tension and stress from pregnancy and mothering

Thursday Jul 27th, 6–7pm Eastern Time

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

92nd Street Y

Whether your baby is here or you’re still expecting, baby sleep can create a lot of anxiety. But you don’t have to be afraid! Without a doubt, you will be tired in the early months, but it doesn’t have to last for long and there are a lot of things you can do to set your baby up to be a great sleeper. It may even create such great habits that “sleep training” is not necessary. We’ll cover: Sleep environment: how to optimize the...

Thursday Jun 15th, 7–8pm Eastern Time

Labor Skills: Breathing

Birth Day Presence @ Online Classroom

Pain-coping skills are life skills, not just labor skills. The more they are practiced, the more easily they can be accessed and used during labor. In this class, we’ll introduce you to and practice different approaches to manage labor pain, including breathing techniques and various guided visualizations. Breathing techniques during labor are typically used to bring the birthing person’s focus away from the sensation or pain that they are...

Thursday Jul 6th, 6–7pm Eastern Time

Caring for a Newborn

92nd Street Y

An essential class for expectant and adopting families.  The instructors will discuss everything from choosing a pediatrician, PKU screening and vaccines. They will cover bathing, feeding, what the baby needs and what to expect during those first weeks at home.  Please Note: Prices are per couple.

Wednesday Jun 21st, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

Certified Advanced Postpartum Doula Training

Birth Day Presence @ Online Classroom

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your doula practice and to dive deeply into an inspiring workshop of discovery, personal growth and education. Birth Day Presence regularly hosts incredible birth and postpartum doula trainings. This training is virtual and taught by top doula and entrepreneur, Jada Shapiro, the founder of Birth Day Presence and Boober. We hope you'll join us! Covers:  Anti-Racism Birth Justice Grief &...

Tuesday Jun 13th, 9am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Lactation & Newborn Care Basics

Birth Day Presence @ Online Classroom

Our Lactation & Newborn Care Fundamentals class helps expecting families become familiar with the basics of infant care & body feeding in the early days and weeks after birth to start with confidence! Topics covered will include: Understanding normal infant behavior, communication, appearance and sleep patterns Understanding common newborn procedures in the hospital Understanding the basics of soothing, diapering, umbilical cord care,...

Wednesday Jun 14th, 6–8pm Eastern Time

18 parenting classes that have ended
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New Parent Preparation: Pediatric First Aid CPR

Colorado Cardiac CPR and First Aid @ 10730 E Bethany Dr, Aurora, CO 80016

This is a basic level Pediatric course that covers the following material: CPR AED and choking CPR and AED for children How to help a choking child CPR for infants How to help a choking infant Pediatric first aid basics, Illnesses and injuries (topics include but are not limited to) Bleeding and bandaging Allergic reactions How to use an epinephrine pen Asthma Drowning Bites and stings Burns The 3 C’s of rescue (Check, Call,...

No upcoming schedules

Expecting Twins: For Couple

Twin Love Concierge @ **Virtual Class

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all scheduled upcoming classes will be moved to a LIVE SKYPE CLASS which will enable parents to take from home. We will continue to monitor the situation and return to locations only after it is safe to do so.  Twin Love Concierge’s Expecting Twins Classes connect you with other expecting twin parents in your local area whilst educating you on all the key areas in preparing for Twins. As certified professionals...

No upcoming schedules
for 2 students

Cyber Careers

National Cybersecurity Center @ 3650 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80132

This program, “Cyber Careers: What Parents, Teachers, and Counselors Should Know” will highlight the huge need for skilled workers, the kinds of academic foundations students need to prepare for critical careers, common entry-level job descriptions, expected starting salaries, and potential career progression. The need for coding language mastery and extracurricular opportunities will be explained, and parents will be offered suggestions for...

No upcoming schedules

Daring Greatly™

Kabbalah Experience @ 2305 S Syracuse Way, Denver, CO 80231

This workshop is based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. During this highly experiential workshop, you will learn new tools that will help you in your journey towards living a wholehearted life. It will also help you to show up, be seen, live a braver life, as well as to develop daily practices of courage that transform the way you live, love, parent and lead. We will explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. We...

No upcoming schedules

10 sessions

How to Work from Anywhere: A Practical Guide

General Assembly @ Remote Online , Denver, CO 00000

Whether you are a recent college grad looking to mix your career with adventure, an accomplished professional with a taste for more freedom, or a single parent looking to spend more time with those who matter most, we will break down the seemingly intimidating task of creating a professionally satisfying remote lifestyle, into simple actionable steps. During this class, a Digital Nomad experienced in Telecommuting and Remote Entrepreneurship/Freelancing...

No upcoming schedules

Parenting with Confidence

Families First @ 150 Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO 80226

PARENTING WITH CONFIDENCE A 12-week parenting class and support group offered on an ongoing basis with a Certificate issued at the completion of all twelve sessions. TOPICS INCLUDE:       • Understanding Your Child's Needs    • Learning to Listen and Talk    • Building Healthy Self-Esteem    • Positive Discipline    • Handling Stress

No upcoming schedules

ABC's of Parenting

Families First @ 14980 E Alameda Dr, Aurora, CO 80012

…Because kids don't come with instructions COURSE HIGHLIGHTS:      • Relating with compassion    • Admitting and dealing with anger appropriately    • Communicating to solve problems

No upcoming schedules

A+ Parenting

Families First @ 1609 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80120

…because they don't come with instructions Course Highlights:       • Communication Skills to Get Kids Talking    • Encouraging Responsibility    • Discipline Methods That Work    • Helping Children Succeed in School    • Promoting Self-Esteem & Mutual Respect

No upcoming schedules

Crash Course: Parenting Toddlers and Young Children

Head & Heart Parents @ 3600 S Yosemite St , Denver, CO 80237

The Crash Course: Parenting Toddlers and Young Children is based on the “Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™” principles. This one-day parenting class provides practical tools and techniques that can change the way your family operates and makes parenting more fun. The early childhood class is geared specifically toward parents of young children, ages 1-10. The parenting skills covered will include: Handling Misbehavior...

No upcoming schedules

Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!

Head & Heart Parents @ 1150 Garfield St, Denver, CO 80206

CREATING HAPPY FAMILIES & RESPONSIBLE KIDS The Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™ three-week workshop provides practical tools and techniques that can change the way your family operates and makes parenting more fun. The early childhood class is geared specifically toward parents of young children, ages 1-10. The parenting skills covered will include: • Handling Misbehavior Without Breaking A Sweat Learn techniques to...

No upcoming schedules

Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun

REAL Parenting @ 2300 Central Ave, Boulder, CO 80301

This class is directed towards parents of children pre-birth to age 6. It provides parents with specific, tangible skills to use and a mind-set that allows you to be present with your children, meet their needs, develop a loving relationship from your infant’s first day, and set developmentally appropriate limits and boundaries. It is empowering to both parents and children.  Taking this class when your children are infants gives you a way...

No upcoming schedules

Parenting Safe Children Workshop: Keeping Kids Safe

Parenting Safe Children @ 1061 Akron Way, Denver, CO 80230

Adults are responsible for keeping children safe from sexual abuse—and child sexual abuse can be prevented. Here's how: 1) Educate yourself about how child sexual abuse happens and 2) Speak with all of your children's caregivers about body safety. Just as you keep your children safe when bicycling, swimming, cooking, or driving, you can also keep your children safe from sexual abuse. The prevention plan starts with YOU. When you attend the Parenting...

No upcoming schedules

Parent/Tot Swim

City of Thornton Community Services @ 11151 Colorado Blvd, Thorton, CO 80233

This class was designed with the emphasis on parent involvement, safety skills, water adjustment, and fun At least one parent must accompany each child into the water. Skills taught include breath control, flutter kicking, underwater swimming, assisted floats on front and back, and safety. Please show up to the first day of lessons at least five minutes early and bring this receipt with you. All children should wear plastic pants, absorbant type...

No upcoming schedules

Love & Logic: Early Childhood

Families First @ 2163 S. Yosemite St, Denver, CO 80231

BECOMING A LOVE AND LOGIC PARENT       • Encourage children to be responsible for their behavior    • Provide a clear plan for positive parenting    • Teach strategies to strengthen families Participants will laugh, learn and their children will thank them.

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